Employment Services

New Dimensions recognizes that our success is based on our ability to meet the changing needs of the people we serve.  Our programs are developed by focusing on the unique goals and needs of each person.  We promote the expression of each individual’s interests and encourage personal choices.  Our staff is trained to recognize and respect the individual preferences of everyone who participates in our programs.

  • Community Involvement

    Individuals who are not actively looking for work but still want to participate in community activities can be referred to our Community Living Support (CLS) program.   This program is based on the interests of the individual and focuses on developing independence, social skills, team and relationship building.  CLS activities include volunteering at other non-profits, increasing money-management skills, and learning how to use the community transportation system. This service is available if referred by the BABH Client Services Specialist and Vocational Coordinator. 

  • Pre-Employment Services

    The Skill Building program at New Dimensions prepares individuals for work in the community through vocational training and on-the-job work experiences.  Individuals in this program are supported at all times by a Job Coach who provides the guidance needed to reach pre-employment goals and obtain the skills needed for successful job placement.  Skill Building activities also include volunteer experiences at local non-profits that reflect the interests of the individuals participating in the event.

  • Employment Placement Services

    New Dimensions provides professional, personalized support to individuals with barriers to employment who want to obtain a job in the community.  Our specialized programs are designed to assist individuals who are transitioning from school to work, and those returning to the workplace after an extended absence.  Individuals receiving Medicaid who are developmentally disabled, have a mental illness, or have substance use disorders can be referred to our Supported Employment program or to IPS (Individual Placement & Support).

  • IPS Service

    IPS stands for “Individual Placement Support”. It is a program that is
    effective at helping people find jobs related to their interests.


Initial interview, job shadows, on-the-job evaluations, & job coaching services.

Employment Services

Employment Services – Our Proven Methods Assure Success
We strive to create good matches between the career goals and abilities of our program referrals and the requirements of potential employers. We do this in a four-step process.

Referrals to New Dimensions begin with an interview with an experienced Employment Coordinator to identify their areas of interest, education, skills and capabilities. Employers or job positions of interest are noted at this time as well as any training or skill enhancement that may be needed.

Our program referrals often have the opportunity to spend an hour or so shadowing an individual who is performing a job similar to one they are interested in obtaining. The employer is under no obligation to hire the individual it is viewed simply as an opportunity for the individual to better understand a potential job. There is also no risk to the employer because a Job Coach is always present and both are covered under New Dimensions insurance.

We are frequently able to place someone on a job at a customer site and pay for their wages while they are evaluated. The employer is under no obligation to hire the individual after the evaluation. This serves as an excellent opportunity for both the employer and employee to determine if this job is a good fit and helps everyone determine if additional training or skills are needed. Through support from Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) we are generally able to pay wages during the evaluation process.

Our Job Coaches are experts at working with individuals with disabilities and serve as an excellent resource for employers. Some people we work with need our assistance as they begin a new job, generally during the initial training phase, to assure all requirements are met. There is no fee to the employer or to the individual when a Job Coach is present. Each situation is unique and we will provide Job Coaching services for as long as it is necessary to assure success.

This four-step method has proven to be successful and assures that we are able to Build Futures In Our Community.

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