Our Clients

Our clients are your neighbor, your niece, the guy down the street or even a parent. They are Johnny, Bobby, Sue and Pete. They are people. People, who laugh, smile and cry, who are full of joys and fears like ourselves, and who just want to be included. People who want to feel the satisfaction of a job done well and who are willing to put in the effort to accomplish it; people who often work harder than you or I, simple because they have to. We can learn much from them.

The term “disabled” is often used in conjunction with a politically correct ideal but no matter what phrase one uses, all indicate an “otherness” from normal. At New Dimensions we choose to focus on the “abled” portion of “dis-abled” and we invite you to do the same, for in a flash of a moment – a car wreck, a stroke, a side-effect from prescription medicine – you, too, could become something other than our society’s version of “normal.”