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Fundraising, Charitable Contributions & Estate Planning

New Dimensions is continually working on fundraising events to improve the day-to-day operations for everyone we serve. The agency strives to maintain a budget of reduced dollars for services, as we competitively battle for production jobs in an attempt to keep pace for continued growth. The agency has recently moved to a new facility. New Dimensions is committed to its mission of improving the quality of life for all of its participants.

Estate Planning

Thoughtful Estate Planning is one means we have to help others recall our values. For example, consider the effect of a plan that includes not only provisions for family members, but also provides resources to organizations like New Dimensions. An estate gift makes a positive statement and provides needed funding for an agency that is trying to improve the quality of life for all of its participants.

Estate Gifts are especially valuable, not only because they tend to be larger than annual gifts, but also because they often come at critical times. They provide that extra boost to the budget that can make the difference between funding an expansion project or making a necessary building repair.

An Estate Gift Or Donation Encourages Imitation. There’s something about a well-planned estate gift that influences others to “go and do likewise.” As friends and family members plan their own estates, they may recall your generosity and thoughtfulness.

All donations are tax-deductible and can be targeted and used in accordance with the wishes of the donator. Although it is the mission of our agency to prepare people for work, we also realize the importance of field trips and/or social events. Assisting with the financing to one of our social events is just another way to set the table and be part of a memorable “Quality Life Experience” for our agencies participants.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution can make their check payable to “New Dimensions” and mail a donation to:

New Dimensions
1801 Jarman Rd
Essexville, MI48732

On behalf of the Participants, Staff, & Board of Directors, New Dimensions is grateful for any donation received and genuinely appreciates your support and generosity!