Fundraiser alert!

We have 2 upcoming fundraisers at some local restaurants who will donate a percentage of sales to us.

You are all invited to join us on July 24th from 4 pm – 8 pm at Chipotle. Present the flyer (digital or print) at the Bay City location or order online using the code 3BWTLGH! You can access the flyer here.
Your next opportunity to help is August 1st from 4 pm to 8 pm at Panera Bread. Present the flyer (digital or print) at the Bay City location or order online using the code FUND4U. You can access the flyer here.



Building Futures in Our Community

Serving Bay and Arenac Counties since 1974

Offering individualized planning & support


Working Together

Imagine…if someone came along who could see your worth as an individual and fight for your rights for inclusion into your community. Where the community would finally value you for your hidden talents and abilities because they gave you a chance to work. New Dimensions is a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, Vocational Rehabilitation facility in the Bay County area working to make that dream a reality by helping you find work and earn a fair and competitive wage.

Who We Are

New Dimensions is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency that provides vocational training, and employment services.  It is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local business leaders and family members of program participants.

Our Programming Manager, Becky Burleson, oversees all facets of our programs and welcomes your questions and feedback.  Becky is available by email at


We work together to develop personalized strategies that promote a better quality of life through participation in the community.

Our friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.

Employment Services

New Dimensions recognizes that our success is based on our ability to meet the changing needs of the people we serve.  Our programs are developed by focusing on the unique goals and needs of each person.  We promote the expression of each individual’s interests and encourage personal choices.  Our staff is trained to recognize and respect the individual preferences of everyone who participates in our programs.

  • Community Involvement

    Individuals who are not actively looking for work but still want to participate in community activities can be referred to our Community Living Support (CLS) program.   This program is based on the interests of the individual and focuses on developing independence, social skills, team and relationship building.  CLS activities include volunteering at other non-profits, increasing money-management skills, and learning how to use the community transportation system. This service is available if referred by the BABH Client Services Specialist and Vocational Coordinator. 

  • Pre-Employment Services

    The Skill Building program at New Dimensions prepares individuals for work in the community through vocational training and on-the-job work experiences.  Individuals in this program are supported at all times by a Job Coach who provides the guidance needed to reach pre-employment goals and obtain the skills needed for successful job placement.  Skill Building activities also include volunteer experiences at local non-profits that reflect the interests of the individuals participating in the event.

  • Employment Placement Services

    New Dimensions provides professional, personalized support to individuals with barriers to employment who want to obtain a job in the community.  Our specialized programs are designed to assist individuals who are transitioning from school to work, and those returning to the workplace after an extended absence.  Individuals receiving Medicaid who are developmentally disabled, have a mental illness, or have substance use disorders can be referred to our Supported Employment program or to IPS (Individual Placement & Support).

  • IPS Service

    IPS stands for “Individual Placement Support”. It is a program that is
    effective at helping people find jobs related to their interests.


Did You Know?

27% of Americans have some type of long-lasting disability.

27%* of Americans have some type of long-lasting disability.  As a vocational rehabilitation center New Dimensions helps empower adults with disabilities to reach their highest level of independence through work-related skill building and employment services.  Since people with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States, our efforts also promote tolerance and diversity within our community by inclusion through employment.

To read more visit the website link below.

    1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Disability and Health Data System (DHDS) [Internet]. [updated 2023 May; cited 2023 May 15]. Available from:


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